Setting a new standard for quality and wellness.
At Herb Angels, our mission is to provide exceptional cannabis products and promote holistic and natural wellness solutions.

Wellness starts from within.


Sometimes life’s essential needs are found right where life grows.
CBD and THC are essential components of the cannabis experience. As the two most predominant cannabinoids within the cannabis sativa plant, THC and CBD have been proven to relieve pain, decrease stress and anxiety, and work as effective anti-inflammatories. They can help speed up recovery time in all aspects of your life, allowing you perform at your best while feeling your best.

Quality ingredients.
Innovative cannabis care.
A better quality of life.

In 2014, Herb Angels was created with a mission of providing the highest quality cannabis products. Today, the industry has flourished beyond cannabis enthusiasts: industries ranging from food and beverage to cosmetics and beauty are quickly adopting THC and CBD as main ingredients in their products.

Although the healing properties of cannabis have been known for centuries, there was still much stigma of it being used solely as a recreational drug. As people who have experienced the effects of CBD and THC firsthand, we knew that we had to tap into the market to establish ourselves as innovative leaders in the nutraceutical realm.

As innovators in our industry, Herb Angels continues to implement cutting edge research and development to break new ground in the cannabis wellness space.




Quality ingredients meets innovative solutions.

OUR INGREDIENTS: We source all of our cannabis ingredients from reputable, CFIC Compliant producers. To ensure consistent cannabinoid levels and accurate dosing, we make our products in small batches in our Toronto facility. We pride ourselves on our rigorous quality assurance process that includes regular laboratory testing for potency, microbes, and terpene profile. From seed to flower, our cannabis products are organically grown and free from pesticides.

EVERY CANNABINOID COUNTS (QUALITY/CONSISTENCY/LAB TESTING/DESCRIBED BY POTENCY): Each product is numbered per lot for transparent batch referencing, and recall. Our standards are considered the highest in our industry, which allows us to ensure that cannabinoids, such as thc9 vs thc8, are accurately tested for consistent dosing.